Our story

So we had this idea

It started with a road trip

We were driving through the island of Java in search of the sun, we were exhausted. Developed to make life easier for professionals in the digital world. We had read that after hours in front of the laptop it could cause drowsiness and eye damage. And so, countless prototype rounds and a crowdfunding campaign later. And then Chiaro happen.
The brand started to take shape. Chiaro, in Italian "clear", wants to emphasize, the importance of having things clear

Our friends

we wanted to be sure that all our Chiaro's friends could protect themselves from the blue rays caused by the laptop.
We started testing the product by having our friends try it. And now we have the certainty of having a product, qualified and useful

Our frames

Our collection is designed in Italy and each pair is handmade to guarantee a level of craftsmanship that we are really proud of. Our frames are made of vegetable-derived acetate, all from renewable wood pulp and natural cotton fiber resources. The impact on the environment is significantly lower than with normal plastic glasses.

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